At MK Periodontics and Implants, we prioritize your experience as much as the results we provide. At every step, we’ll be there to answer your questions, explain your options, and guide your choices. For our doctors and staff, “treatment” only counts as “care” when it’s personal, collaborative, and as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Minou Karbakhsch and Dr. Michi Katafuchi provide care to Tacoma-area patients through both traditional and advanced surgeries. Pinhole® Surgical Technique is an example of the latter. We may use this procedure with patients who are experiencing gum recession and who are a good fit for the approach. Our modified form of the technique can offer excellent results while limiting a patient’s overall recovery time.

Understanding the Pinhole Surgical Technique

A break in the gum seal’s attachment can put your tooth and tooth-supporting bone at risk for decay. Gum recession can also create an abnormal gum line, affecting the aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi have helped hundreds of patients resolve these concerns through gentle and expert procedures.

In a conventional surgery, your doctor will lift a section of the gums just above the area where you’re experiencing recession. Then, the doctor will cover the recession with a strip of tissue. Finally, the doctor will lower the gum section back over the tissue and suture it in place.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique works differently:

  • Instead of lifting a section of the gums, your doctor will create a tiny hole above the recession.
  • There is excess tissue at the deeper layers of the gums. The doctor will work through the tiny hole using special tools, repositioning this excess tissue over the recession.
  • In a standard Pinhole Surgical Technique, a doctor may insert tiny collagen strips to stabilize the gums. This step isn’t always necessary in the modified approach that Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi use for Tacoma-area patients.

Since the Pinhole Surgical Technique doesn’t lift a section of gums, you won’t need extensive suturing. As a result, you can expect a shorter and more comfortable recovery; the pinhole usually heals within a day. Offering this approach is part of our commitment to providing you with comfortable, high-quality care.

Visiting MK Periodontics and Implants for Treatment

The Pinhole Surgical Technique can be an excellent option for patients who are in the early stages of gum recession and who need minimal coverage. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure is by making an appointment with one of our offices in the Tacoma area.

At MK Periodontics and Implants, our staff will talk with you about your goals with treatment, help you feel comfortable with our approach, and answer any questions you may have. We want you to be completely confident in our care.

As part of your appointment, Dr. Karbakhsch or Dr. Katafuchi will examine your teeth and gums, paying special attention to the area where you’ve experienced gum recession. If the Pinhole Surgical Technique is a good fit for your needs, your doctor may recommend the procedure.

What You Can Expect With the Pinhole Surgical Technique

Our doctors are board-certified periodontists with years of training and experience as restorative and implant dentists. They specialize in treating concerns related to the gums and tooth-supporting structures, including recession. Based on this background, you can expect your surgery to be efficient, precise, and gentle.

To help Tacoma-area patients rest and relax throughout their procedure, we can provide several different levels of numbing and sedation depending on their preferences. This includes IV sedation delivered by a qualified craniofacial anesthetist. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

In general:

  • We will use the Pinhole Surgical Technique to cover three or more teeth that have recession. This cuts down significantly on the number of sutures we would otherwise have to apply.
  • The modified form of the Pinhole Surgical Technique that your doctor will use should heal quickly. Patients tell us that they don’t have much discomfort afterward.
  • Because we will work through a small pinhole to reposition the gums, the outcome should look aesthetically appealing.

Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi spend time during procedures sculpting the appearance of the gum tissue, following the contours of each tooth to create a natural-looking arch in the gum line. As a result of this care and precision, the surgical site should look similar to how your gums appeared before the condition developed.

If you are experiencing gum recession, find out if you’re a good candidate for the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Contact MK Periodontics and Implants online or by phone at (253) 752-6336 in the Tacoma area or our Kirkland office (425) 820-2414.

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