Good oral health is essential to taking care of your overall well-being. After all, your mouth is the entry point to your respiratory system and digestive system—the distribution center of nutrients for energy, growth, and cell repair. MK Periodontics and Implants offers a holistic approach to gum health that supports your overall health goals. Dr. Karbakhsch, Dr. Katafuchi, and our team are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in a treatment plan designed just for you.

Prioritize Your Gum Health

Like a healthy plant in fertile soil, your teeth can remain healthy and thrive in the right environment. Our goal is to protect your oral health, especially your gums—the foundation of your teeth and the bone that supports them.

Since no two treatment plans are the same, we conduct a comprehensive examination and review your medical, dental, and prescription histories to evaluate the following accurately:

  • Bite
  • Bone structure
  • Gums
  • Plaque
  • Teeth
  • Risk factors

Then, we tailor your treatment plan to improve your gum health and save your teeth while promoting whole-body health.

We Value Holistic Wellness

Achieving and maintaining good oral health is essential to attain your natural beauty potential. The team at MK Perio is here to help you with this process. We value holistic wellness because it allows you to make health and lifestyle choices that help your body harness its power to rejuvenate itself.

We Are Your Partner

We want your smile to be healthy from the inside out. Holistic maintenance treats the person behind the smile by focusing on your unique needs and tailoring your care to your health condition. We partner with your medical doctor and dentist to create treatment plans that complement your health requirements. And we partner with you—walking you through the process of getting the care you need and helping you understand how habits support your well-being.

Solution-oriented Care

Instead of fixing problems, Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi are concerned about treating your oral health issues at the source to prevent them from recurring. Depending on your goals and preferences, our patient education includes recommendations for aftercare that may involve food and nutrition choices, oral hygiene habits, or follow-up visits with your dentist or doctor.

We Respect the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself

At MK Perio, we offer conservative, minimally invasive treatment that respects the body’s ability to heal itself. We strive to use safe technology and biocompatible materials that promote good health, such as:

  • LANAP® Laser Technology – Treats gum disease, promotes tissue healing and regeneration, and stimulates bone growth
  • Guided Biofilm Therapy – Removes plaque and calculus with air polishing technology
  • BEMER Pulsed Physical Vascular Therapy – Stimulates blood circulation and healing with electromagnetic therapy
  • Kangen Water – Promotes immune support through alkaline ionized water

High-Quality Care That Shows We Care

Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi commit to high-quality, highly effective care and lasting results. The cost of your care includes knowledgeable, experienced specialists that you can rely on for accurate diagnoses and precise treatment. We encourage you to consider the exceptional value of a highly skilled doctor who is genuinely concerned about your well-being and will help you improve your health.

To learn more about our holistic approach to oral health, we welcome you to contact us for a consultation in Tacoma.