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At MK Periodontics and Implants, our entire team is dedicated to your care. Whether you require a tooth extraction or related procedures to support your oral health, you can expect personal and individualized treatment from our practice.

Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi perform tooth extraction procedures to improve function, health, and aesthetics for Tacoma patients. We are board-certified specialists with years of advanced training, and we conduct these surgeries frequently.

While tooth extraction may be a common procedure for us, we recognize that patients often have concerns about surgery. When you choose us for your care, your doctor will ensure that you get answers to your questions, feel confident in your decisions, and have control over your care.

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

The most common thing that Tacoma patients want to find out about tooth extraction procedures is whether it’s going to hurt. Know that Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi will take measures to make your treatment as comfortable and relaxed as possible:

  • MK Periodontics and Implants has invested in the latest equipment for diagnosis and planning. As a result, we can complete procedures more accurately, efficiently, and gently.
  • Our practice offers several levels of numbing and sedation so that you can rest comfortably throughout the surgery.
  • We can provide a variety of amenities so you can relax during a tooth extraction. Our staff will guide you through your options during your visit.

Once you’re ready, Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi can perform a tooth extraction to:

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Take out a damaged tooth

Even the best dental care may not save a severely diseased or injured tooth. Tooth extraction can prevent ongoing discomfort, gum disease, and long-term oral health problems.

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Support denture placement

By extracting unhealthy teeth, we can create a strong foundation for patients who will be wearing dentures.

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Make room for teeth in the dental arch

Our practice works closely with several Tacoma orthodontists, who commonly refer patients to us for tooth extraction. Treatment can provide more room in the dental arch, improving a patient’s smile and function.

Icon Depicting a Tooth That Did Not Erupt Properly

Exposing teeth beneath the gums

Sometimes, a person’s tooth doesn’t erupt properly from the gums. Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi can uncover these teeth so that they can move into their proper position.

View a Video Detailing a Tooth Extraction Procedure

What Can I Expect With Tooth Extraction?

When you visit MK Periodontics, our doctors and staff will take the time to learn about your goals, answer your questions, and discuss your options. We want to give you the resources and information that let you manage decisions about your care.

Part of this process includes a comprehensive examination and advanced imaging of the tooth, above and below the surface. By taking the time to evaluate your needs carefully, we can effectively guide your treatment.

The process of extracting a tooth can vary from simple to complex, and as specialists, Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi can help patients with a range of needs. Learn more about some of the techniques they use during surgery and how they promote a healthy, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing outcome.

Removing Infection

As periodontists, our doctors are specialists in treating gum disease and related concerns. If you are coming to our Tacoma practice both for gum disease treatment and to have affected teeth removed, we will take steps to eliminate the entire infection.

Preserving Bone

When you have your tooth taken out, a portion of the tooth-supporting bone will also be removed — ideally, as little as possible. Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi have extensive experience in tooth extraction, and they will work carefully to preserve as much of the underlying bone as possible.

Restoring Bone

Some patients will require bone grafting to build up the area from which their tooth was removed. Restoring this site will create a stronger and more secure foundation for a dental implant. Our doctors commonly perform this type of bone grafting during tooth removal surgery.

Gum Grafting

A tooth extraction should preserve the pink-tipped areas between the teeth. In some cases, this means having a gum grafting procedure combined with tooth removal. Our periodontists have trained in techniques to preserve and reconstruct these features. Their work provides Tacoma patients with both a faster recovery and a better appearance.

Choose MK Perio in Tacoma For Your Tooth Extraction

At MK Periodontics and Implants, we measure success based on your experience as much as your outcome. Whether your dentist has referred you to us or you are exploring your treatment options, we invite you to schedule an appointment, get to know our doctors, and see the difference in our approach.

Contact MK Periodontics and Implants online or by phone at (253) 752-6336 at our Tacoma office to discuss tooth extraction.

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