Gum Grafting

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Gum grafting is an oral surgery procedure that our periodontists use to restore the gum tissue back to a natural position on the tooth. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits to this procedure....
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One of our areas of focus is treating patients for bruxism, a condition characterized by the frequent grinding or clenching of the teeth. If you live in the Tacoma region and are experiencing problems with bruxism, it is important to seek treatment sooner than later to prevent long-term tooth damage....
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Tooth Extraction

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Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi perform tooth extraction procedures to improve function, health, and aesthetics for Tacoma patients. We are board-certified specialists with years of advanced training and we conduct these surgeries frequently....
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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi see patients in their teens and twenties as well as older patients experiencing problems related to their third molars. Tacoma dentists and orthodontists often refer patients to us for wisdom teeth removal because of our training and our culture of care....
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Dental Implants

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Beyond the exceptional support they provide, our doctors also specialize in replacing missing and damaged teeth with dental implants. Whether you need to restore one, several, or all of your teeth, they will prioritize your comfort and safety, and provide you with a durable, aesthetic outcome....
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Gum Recession

Treating gum recession is more than just removing the bacterial infection and repairing the damage. It’s about providing patients with the support they need to achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful, natural-looking result....
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Gum Disease Treatment

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As board-certified periodontists, Dr. Karbakhsch and Dr. Katafuchi specialize in treating gum disease and related concerns for Tacoma patients. During your appointment, we'll take the time to answer your questions and respond to any concerns you may have.
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